Monday, April 17, 2017

15 Facts About Me

So I did a poll on Twitter to see if doing a blog post about '15 things about me' would actually interest anyone and it seem to have won a fair few voters. I have been in two minds about doing this kind of post as who actually really cares about 15 things to do with me? But I do genuinely enjoy reading other peoples facts about themselves. So why the hell not I am going to go for it!  

1) I met my boyfriend in 2010 in our last years at high school we were both 15 years old ( I'm 2 days older then him) and we are still going strong 7 years on, He is my best friend and soulmate. Its been the best growing up with him by my side as he is such a massive supporter and the main reason I am back blogging again. 

2) I am 21 years old soon to be 22 in July and that scares me. 

3) I currently work in Retail and have done for the past 4 and a bit years. But the past 2 years I have been working for Dunelm. Its a great place to work but anyone who works in retail will know just how stress full and demanding it can be but also very rewarding at the same time. But I do love it.

4) I use to play football when I was a kid though until my late teens pretty much every weekend for Ipswich and then onto local clubs. Its something I have always adored all the way though my childhood as I 'used' to be such a sporty person I even took PE as a chosen subject in high school.

5) I am the BIGGEST worry gut you will ever meet. I can stress about the smallest of things always have done and always will do, its just me! 

6) I have slight OCD. I believe I developed this from a late child hood issue I went though. Before this I used to be the most mucky & clumsy kid you would of ever met, mud may as well of been my middle name. I didn't have any of the issues I now have to face with daily. 

7) I LOVE being outdoors, Walking, Biking anything. Even when I am away on Holiday I much prefer a place that has loads to explore and see rather then laying on a beach for two weeks. Guess this comes from my sporty background. 

8) I have a very small but beautiful family, its just me, my mum, my little sister and my Grandad. They mean absolutely everything to me and the four of us are very solid and close. There is an 11 year age gap between me and my sister but it works, We get on so well she is like a little best friend to me.

9) Yellow. Its my favourite colour well ochre is to be precise. Its just such an amazing colour and wish my whole life was full of it it makes me so happy! 

10) I don't drive right now but I am currently taking lessons. Really hoping to have passed and on the road before my birthday if not most definitely  before the end of this year. 

11) Photos mean everything to me. I like to take photos of everything and yes I am one of these 'sad' people who will generally go out somewhere to take a nice photo. I don't care what people say about trying to be 'Instagram perfect' I think if you have put the time and effort into taking nice photos why shouldn't your Instagram be how you like it and how you want it to look, people who have time to moan about other peoples Instagram just need to bore off!  

12) I have a huge shoe problem. Not big designer shoes or anything as I really don't dig anything like that but I do get asked all the time how many pairs of shoes do I own and I really couldn't tell you. They are everywhere and I even change over my shoe storage boxes when its summer and winter. I have always loved shoes some people might say its silly owning so many shoes but everyone has something they love to buy or even hoard.

13) I am very much the joker when I am around the right people. I don't get on with people who walk around with a face like a smacked A**E 24.7 as its just a very boring way to live. I like to really wind people up (in a nice way) and have a laugh. And just generally have really good banter with everyone. 

14) I really don't like cats. I never have liked cats and probably never will like cats they scare me. Sorry to any cat lovers out there but its a no from me. 

15) I have recently found myself to Prefer Iced coffee over normal tea of coffee.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my post & leave comments. I do appreciate each & every single one & I will reply. Please leave a link to your Blog or social media in your comment so I can go & check it out and return some of the love.. 👄 

Paige Louise xxx 
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